About Us

Hello, how are you? .

Before knowing about us, what about your food idea?. Are you really concerned about what you eat?. It may sound some preaching, yet have you ever thought of a good food habit that is what really you can respect yourselves?. 

In this fastest growing competitive world, having no time to look at each other, life imposes us to compromise on everything. We may forget to take care of ourselves sometimes. As well as we often forget to afford or adopt healthy, hygienic food habits. We may afford a three-digit restaurant bill to make our family happy, meantime we may neglect the serious part what we are compromising in or replacing a healthy us into.

Cooking at home, assuring it healthy was not much difficult as it is today. When innovations led the world, it inspired our kitchens too. Self-operated wet grinders replaced with motors, and homegrown country chicken replaced with an instant broiler meat. We have all the right to feel Pompous of what we invented to make our livelihood easy.  But are we sure yet, are we on the winning side or innovations didn’t snatch away our healthy food habit?

Here comes who we are and what about us. We the people at Tacskey are immense believers of becoming the solution providers for what we have to restore for this generation and the upcoming offspring. Helping to make home cook meal easy, interesting and lovely fact again is our plain and core idea.  When you may just think about getting your sea fish vegetables dairy or meat to match your busy life, we think at the lower base point of the entire process that happens. You must not get a meat that is just covering the purpose of serving a meat but lacking all the hygiene factors. You must not eat a vegetable that is good looking and literally a pesticide. You must not miss the rich nutrients a milk that contains to offer for humans.

It may sound a little weird or may seem to be a swim against the flood. But the possibilities aren’t a blatant lie. in fact, it is happening around you. Our honest team is determined to make it accessible and affordable to every fellow human being who comes to Tacskey seeking their fresh needs and help to cook them home to restore the natural way of having a healthy lifestyle. The promise of trustworthiness of quality, hygiene factors, not compromising with healthy standards are such determined that sometimes we may get misunderstood as they are nothing but little costly merchants. But such natural challenges are not our hesitation when every first delivery vanishes that thought and gets us another volunteer like you to assure a healthy tomorrow for our own kids.

We won't bore you by telling long stories to get your right meat or healthy greens. We just leave your stuff at your doorsteps within 60 minutes of every order placed. That’s how we utilized the rural talents of this nation to be proud of them for working together for the mission of a healthy nation. Just treat them with a smile or with a kind word to encourage a good gesture. 

keep imagining the wonderful possibilities of restoring our healthy kitchen and feel free to share it with us, which may put up more tasks in front of us to be your best buddies always.

Warmth regards,

Every honest buddies@Team Tacskey