• Broiler Live Chicken  (1.6kg approx)

Broiler Live Chicken (1.6kg approx)

This item is subjected to weight changes.

  • ₹230 for 1

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Grown In nearby Mangalore farms under hygiene supervisions of our farmers, our broiler chickens are healthier and tender. transported within a short distance to the Tacskey's well equipped halal slaughter houses near to you, makes sure you have got the right fresh chicken fulfilling all freshness and hygienic criteria of fresh meat.

All our meat products are Halal Cut

Please Note: The Chicken is weighed before Slaughtering. Once slaughtered the weight will be less by approximately 35%. That means when you buy 1Kg live chicken, you actually get 750g cleaned & cut Meat.

Process Specification
Contains Liver, Gizzard & other misc parts
Product Disclaimer
Disclaimer If the live chicken is not available in selected weight, we will processing it to the closest weighing chicken. Hence this item is subjected to weight changes.

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