• Squid / Bondas / Koonthal - 12  to 15 in a kg - 500gm

Squid / Bondas / Koonthal - 12 to 15 in a kg - 500gm

This item is subjected to weight loss.

  • ₹110 for 500

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Squids which are commonly known as bondas in tulu, Oosi kanawa in kannada and koonthal in Malyalam is one of the favourite seafood. Squids are nutritious and can be grilled, fried or battered.

Please Note: This product is subjected to 45-50% weight loss if fully cleaned option is selected.

Unit Specification
No. of pieces Approximately 12 in a kg
Name Specification
Commonly known as Bondas In Tulu, Koonthal in Malyalam, Oosi Kanawa in Kannada
Weight Specification
Approx Weight The fish is weighed before cleaning. Once cleaned by removing head the weight will be less by approximately 45-55% ( Large Squid) & 40-50% (Medium Squid). That means when you buy 1Kg fish, you actually get 500-600g cleaned fish.
Product Disclaimer
Disclaimer Image shown is a representation may slightly vary from the actual product. Every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of all information displayed.

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