Yummiez Frozen American Sweet Corn

Brands Yummiez

  • ₹75 for 400

Whether it is the traditional, roasted Bhutta from our childhood that we remember relishing or the more up-market Caesar Salad, Sweet Corn has always been around. A staple in many parts of India, Sweet Corn is as nutritious as it is tasty. Cooked Sweet Corn is believed to have significant anti-oxidant properties. Sweet Corn is also rich in fiber, carbohydrates and other nutrients, and it’s incredibly tasty. Who wouldn’t relish a large bowl of Sweet Corn soup on a rainy afternoon? So, when you cut open a pack of real Good Yummiez Sweet Corn, you get juicier, tastier and more tender corn than any other corn you’ve had before.
Packaging Specification
Packaging Pouch, Frozen
Process Specification
Type American Sweet Corn
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